December 1, 2010

NASA to Announce Findings on Extraterrestrial Life?

National Aeronautics and Space Administration (NASA) recently announced that they will be having a press conference discussing the findings of their scientific findings on the aged hunt for extraterrestrial life.

To those alien-life advocates, this announcement is surely worth waiting for.

Alien search has always been a celebrated topic not only in astronomy but also in movies and novels. There also these "conspiracy theories" claiming that the US Government already proved this to be true but are hiding the truth from the general public for security reasons.

Well, let's just see NASA's announcement at 2 pm EST (1900 GMT) on Thursday, December 2.

Funny thing though is that it reminds me of a novel by Dan Brown entitled "Deception Point". The book tells the story of an amazing discovery of an undeniable evidence of alien life but in the end it was revealed as the greatest deception of the time.

News source can be read in the link below...
NASA creates buzz with 'extraterrestrial' announcement -, Philippine News for Filipinos

October 2, 2010

Goldilocks "Earth-Like" Planet Found?

Artist's impression of the extrasolar planet O...Image via WikipediaAstronomers recently found a planet outside the solar system with conditions they termed as "Goldilocks", neither too hot nor too cold. This they said was the perfect condition for a great possibility of extra terrestrial life.

The planet is named Gliese 581g is found to be circling a red dwarf star located 120 trillion miles from the Earth. The planet is a few times larger than the earth and scientists estimate that the mass and gravity of the planet is just comparable to the earth. the planet is also tidally locked to its parent star which means that only one side faces the star. This condition will lead to a very hot condition on the portion directly facing the star and an icy condition on the other side. The interesting part though is somewhere in the middle of the two faces of the planet where the temperature may be just right for a habitable zone.

More details regarding this on the link below...
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August 30, 2010

2012 Disaster by Massive Sun Storm?

A Solar Flare, image taken by the TRACE satell...Image via Wikipedia
The movie 2012 became a big hit last year. And since then, the popularity of 2012 as the year when the world will end has increased dramatically.
Well, let's add more buzz to that with this intriguing scientific news. posted an article regarding the latest findings of astronomers. Based on their study, a massive solar storm could hit the earth the years to come. And based on their estimates, the date will be sometime in 2012? Coincidence? :-)
For those who are not well acquainted with "sun storms", you can do some research on Wikipedia. But basically, sun storms is an astronomical event when the sun's activity increases rapidly characterized by high energy solar flares and prominences. The huge amount of energy released by the sun reaches the earth causing disturbances especially in communication technologies.
The last major sun storm occurred in September 1859 disrupting the telegraph system all over Europe. According to solar astronomers, the coming solar storm will be much stronger and destructive.
Read the full story below...
Sun storm to hit with 'force of 100m bombs' |
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